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Charming home nestled on a rolling one-acre lot in Edina. This beautiful home features a dance room, oversized sports court, and gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Gorgeous, newly constructed house in Tralee Edina built by TC Homebuilders in Edina

6 beds / 6 baths /10,800 sqft 

Tralee is stacked with a finely planned and executed house in Tralee Edina, this breathtakingly uncommonly created provincial work in 1997 on a wonderful finished part, is one of them. The intriguing disclosure begins with a broad paver walkway to a covered lined stoop, and subsequently through twofold front approaches to a spectacular noteworthy home two-story home.

Likewise, from here, the journey simply gets to the next level. Each room — actually, each square inch of the room — reflects insightful readiness and great thought in execution. The saying: "all in the nuances" is ensured — and they are extraordinary, also: glimmering hardwood floors, custom millwork, and cabinetry notwithstanding first-in-class mechanical assemblies, installations, hardware, lighting, and the overview all are finely planned and executed house in Tralee Edina.

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